nice stories ...

hello folks bietet weiter interessante Bloggeschichten für Unternehmer an!

Reinschauen egal wann lohnt !!

next PUMIDOR - Meeting in Illingen


Sth. about

Baidu ist much faster than Google

or Yandex. It is easier programmed.

Many things are handmade. It is not

only Snippet-War. Baidu ist more

homogenous. Not bad !!

six sisters ...

beautiful, charming, lazy,

like poetry, are apache nazca,

disorder things, play with gamblers,

hate white man, like Great Britain etc.

really cool ...

⻃ ⺝ ⽬ ...

Mandarin kann,

Wissen vermitteln einfach so.

Jedes Symbol kann für eine

Lebenssituation stehen.

Armeezusammensetzungen ...

sell well ...

afghanistan - Maymana

bahamas - Freeport

bermuda - St. George

bulgaria - Shumen

hong kong - Kowloon

iraq - An Najaf

monaco - Monte Carlo

oman - Matrah

vanuatu - Port Vila

north korea - Kaesong Sinuiju

Google update .->

single search optimization

extra search plus emphasizing

for jobs, stars or presidents

could be punishment some ...

⾜ ⾄

⾛ ⽤

⾜ ⾄

Rocky meets Tiwi ...

drive in*


hold in Ü


sales promotion underless

do not sell in well

known sectors ...

sell in undercover

areas ⊗⊗

mobi bobby ...

surfs web ..

has college ..

eats frozen ..

!smells business!

--> extra boy


draw sun ..

make thumbs ..

pilgrim anywhere ..

link to fimanti

Ins and Outs (china

like flexibility going

like upper intermediate level tongue uups

like mobile web glick

like meetings aaah

hate nothing hi

Massenwerbung -

wer im TV oder Radio

oder Massenzeitung

oder Video viel

wirbt, geht

leider unter

Mmasse ist vegetarisch

-- junk food piccolo

westerners pray

westerners laugh

westerners hope

or in other words

'fly on your finger'


heroes in shoes

want permanent fight


frontier sales dump ....

> never in harbours

> never in big towns

> never at home

how c is

commands in front





Buffies gonex

°into high

-into deep

! gone

56000 m

inverdo stuff

lazy thrown

omits everything

cant expect to kill

therefore went back

no capital

Buenas Tardes

Están mintiendo, quienesquiera

que sean los que lo han dicho.


Golgot down

Rockets on

save not

Great Apache

*slum broker

in black nightz I see you

(e.g. LA slums)

wer verliert ...

zieht sich zurück

"übt subtile macht aus

"leidet unter Durst

"schwächt seine Sprache ab

°rennt vor allem sprachlich weg.

⺞ ⻅

for 1 glass STRONG HORSE

-:1/4 Coca Cola

-:1/4 Cave Water

-:1/4 Bloody Orange

-:1/4 Sunny Grapefruit

-:dö Raiders in


⼗ ⽬

chiptown ...

sentence wracker

blast the capitol &

throw a bomb

㐁 ⼯ 㐁 ⼞

TUPAKO fasHion

-> Light

-> sWeet

-> harMonizing



attracts business

always for you

erfolg ist teilbar


google run top

oo new factors

3d similar runs

SAbaDO por SUPuesTO


Me gustas mucho.

China offers IT

IT and nothing more.

But T is 1st. I is

"Custommade" and T is

specialist (

94 % to 6 %

Die südlichsten Südamerikaner

sprechen u.a. Castellano.

Castellano ist hoch, wählerisch

und mystisch.

Eine Sprache der Kämpfer

ALCATRAZ surfs!!

... jelly based produtcs

if not [Kati Perry]

Google items



performing arts

seo techniques


on page seo

offpage seo

local Google



1. 2. 3 ... WANDA

Fish at home

husband meets student

donde mayuscula