nice stories ...

hello folks bietet weiter interessante Bloggeschichten für Unternehmer an!

Reinschauen egal wann lohnt !!

next PUMIDOR - Meeting in Illingen


Sth. about

Baidu ist much faster than Google

or Yandex. It is easier programmed.

Many things are handmade. It is not

only Snippet-War. Baidu ist more

homogenous. Not bad !!

six sisters ...

beautiful, charming, lazy,

like poetry, are apache nazca,

disorder things, play with gamblers,

hate white man, like Great Britain etc.

really cool ...

⻃ ⺝ ⽬ ...

Mandarin kann,

Wissen vermitteln einfach so.

Jedes Symbol kann für eine

Lebenssituation stehen.

Armeezusammensetzungen ...

sell well ...

afghanistan - Maymana

bahamas - Freeport

bermuda - St. George

bulgaria - Shumen

hong kong - Kowloon

iraq - An Najaf

monaco - Monte Carlo

oman - Matrah

vanuatu - Port Vila

north korea - Kaesong Sinuiju

Google update .->

single search optimization

extra search plus emphasizing

for jobs, stars or presidents

could be punishment some ...

⾜ ⾄

⾛ ⽤